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Deploying a Golang App to AWS ECS With Terraform

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I’ve put together a basic example of a “Hello World” Go program which runs in Amazon AWS Elastic Compute Service (ECS), which allows running applications in Docker containers and has the ability to scale on demand.

I initially wanted to write about the components of this system and the tools you use to deploy your application, but soon realized that this would make for an extremely long post, as the number of components required for a simple “Hello World” is mind boggling. However problematic it may seem, it’s par for the course, this is what takes to run an application in our cloudy times.

I used Terraform to build all the AWS infrastructure. Initially I was skeptical on how well it could accomplish such a tedious task, but I have say my confidence in Terraform grew the more I used it.

The main top level tool for everything is the good old make, a tool that stood the test of time.

Here is the code of the example, read the README, I hope you find it useful: